College Launches Mobile Website

The College of Charleston announces the launch of a new mobile website that offers instant access from nearly any smartphone. When a user goes to from a smartphone, the site detects how it is being accessed and automatically redirects the browser to the new mobile site ( The College is one of the first college or university sites to offer 95-percent of the website through a mobile version.

“It is so important for the College of Charleston to stay at the forefront of technology,” says Andrew Bergstrom, director of web strategies. “Mobile users need information quickly and in as few characters as possible, with easy-to-navigate links to important information.”

The mobile site features easy access to the most popular links on, including admissions information, and contains fewer graphics than the full website, allowing for a quick page load of the site on their device. The site is designed to be compatible with mobile browsers found on devices like Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, thus offering users an optimal viewing and navigation experience on their handheld wireless devices.

According to studies conducted by Pew Research, 32 percent of Americans have used a conventional mobile phone or a smartphone to access the Internet and nearly 58 million Americans access the web via mobile devices every day. Analysts predict that cell phone internet browsing will surpass computer web browsing before 2015.

For more information, contact Andrew Bergstrom at 843.953.5294.