The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack, College of Charleston
In college, you didn’t just listen to music, you lived it. Music was common ground at parties, on road trips and during study breaks. But it was more than that. It was your escape, your inspiration, your reminder of home, your hope for the future.

Music was there in your best and worst of times. Perhaps it was the salve for a broken heart. Maybe it explained the world to you in a way that made the complex, simple; the unbearable, endurable. For almost all of us, music played an important part in defining our identities.

We challenged some of our talented songwriters to think back to their college days and tap into the power of their own CofC experience.

What they came back with is a wide-ranging mix of sound and melody – anthems celebrating innocence, optimism, recklessness, longing and that once-in-a-lifetime feeling when everything seems possible, new and grand.

These 11 artists – all gifted musicians and songwriters – created a stunning soundtrack to the College of Charleston experience.

Listen to The Soundtrack and check out the stories behind the songs:

Lucy Barna ’02
“Sense of Urgency”
Carlo L’Chelle Dawson ’01
“The Time is Now”
Owen Evans ’03
“City of Broken Dreams”
M.J. Fick
“How Do Ya Do”
Rachel Kate Gillon ’09
“This Institution”
Jordan Gravel ’08
Lindsay Holler ’03
“Grove Street”
Nick Jenkins ’05
“Gloria Knows This”
Taylor Moore ’07
“Reckless Revolution”
Clay Ross ’98
“Those Days Were Mine”

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