Students Participate in Summer Internships and Research

During summer 2012, hundreds of College of Charleston students participated in research projects and internships – on campus and as far as Europe. Here are some of the interesting internships and research that have been shared by professors.

Hannah Murray, a computing in the arts major and board member of Hillel, the Jewish Student Union, interned at Comedy Central in New York City.

Doyle Stack, a communication major, spent the summer interning at Howard Stern’s HowardTV in New York City.

Olivia Cifaldi, a psychology major in the Honors College, interned with Sesame Street in New York City. She applied what she learned in psychology to conduct research at Sesame Street.

Nora Grossman, a sophomore in the Honors College, interned at the world headquarters of Google in Mountain View, Cali.

Olivia L. Adams participated in the Summer Excavation at Petit Cloup Barrat, France, during the month of July. Adams is an anthropology major and an archaeology minor.

Anna Grace Burnette participated in the Texas Tech 2012 Archaeological Field School, held during the month of June. She is a psychology major and an archaeology minor.

Jessica Coleman went to Visby, Gotland, Sweden for the Viking Discovery Program Summer Excavation. Coleman is an anthropology major and an archaeology minor.

Jessica Hensley attended the Summer 2012 Hudson-Meng Field School in Nebraska, a famous long-term bone bed excavation.

Marlene Aydlette investigated 16th – 19th century shipwrecks in the Summer 2012 University of Rhode Island Marine Archaeological Field School in Bermuda.

Dyanne Vaught completed an internship this summer at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C.  as  a project intern in the Research and Statistics Division.  Dyanne is an economics major in the Honors Program in Business, with a second major in statistics.

Stephanie Rhodes completed an internship over the summer in the Finance Division at Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG at their European Headquarters in Cologne, Germany.  Stephanie is a business administration major in the Honors Program in Business, with a second major in German.

Department of Communication students are working for National Geographic, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Charleston Riverdogs, Charleston’s ABC affiliate (ABC News 4), NBC affiliate (Count on 2), and CBS affiliate (Live 5 News), as well as helping with NBC’s Olympics coverage in London, the Boston Bruins, South Carolina Stingrays, Rawl-Murdy PR, ESPN at Wimbledon, and Harper’s Magazine.

Andrew Gradison did a sociology internship in public policy and government relations at Patton Boggs, a large law firm in Washington, DC.  As part of his internship he lobbied Congressional offices, met with members of Congress, prepared summaries of current and proposed legislation, and in many ways got a real taste of behind the scenes Washington.

Mimi Kavalerchik did a crime, law and society internship with the Investigation Division of the Office of the Public Defender in Maryland and was involved in investigations of criminal cases, interviewing witnesses, jail visits, and other types of assistance for the attorneys.

Kayla Johnson, Ralph Morris, and Jim Niergarth spent two weeks on the NOAA Ship “Pieces” mapping the seafloor and water column for fisheries purposes based on their experiences and training through the College’s seafloor training program with Fledermaus and CARIS.

Kelsey Murdaugh, Ahmed Nayel, and Justin Peers gathered basalt samples from old lava flows at the Craters of the Moon in Idaho this summer to and plan to conduct further research this semester with Dr. John Chadwick.

MES student Kim Ryan was supported by a grant from the Graduate School, to conduct thesis research in the Sundarbans mangrove wetlands (a UNESCO World Heritage site) with Dr. Tuhin Ghosh and his colleagues and graduate students from Jadavpur University in Calcutta.

Nearly 30 students earned SURF grants to complete research projects with faculty over the summer. Read more about this year’s SURF grant recipients.

Watch a video of biology major Pooja Patel talk about her research focused on pancreatic cancer and photodynamic therapy.

Watch a video of biology major Carissa James talk about her research on the green anole and tail anatomy.

Watch a video of biochemistry major Brett Snyder talk about his green chemistry research, which has yielded a new type of polyurethane foam surfactant.