President for a Day

President for a Day

Photo-essay by Leslie McKellar

We all dream of being in charge. Of how things would be different if we were in command. Of what we would change and how much better
things would be.

Oh, to be president for a day.

In the spirit of the election year, President Benson gave six students the run of Randolph Hall and asked them what they would do as president of the College of Charleston for a day. What would they change? How would things be different if they were in charge?

What they came back with might be high hopes. Tall orders, even. But they’re all worth thinking about, worth considering.

Hey, a kid can dream. Right?


Sam Posthuma
Class: sophomore
Major: English
Hometown: Bluffton, S.C.

“Build temples honoring Talos [from the online video game The Elder Scrolls], the great god of thunder, ruler of you, and me, and all we hold dear, so that he may bestow infinite knowledge and free tuition to all those powerful enough to prestige as stormlords.”


Hannah Craig
Class: freshman
Intended major: health promotion
Hometown: Rock Hill, S.C.

“First order of business would be to replace the benches in the Cistern with comfortable lounge chairs and hammocks. Ha-ha. But honestly, I love walking around campus and seeing the variety of styles and everyone with their different tastes. I would definitely create or support a DIY [do-it-yourself] program/club. Those interested in expressing themselves would be encouraged to do so by taking simple clothing, accessories, décor, et cetera, and using their creativity to make and remake things that reflect individualism and personality while learning from and sharing ideas with people who have similar interests.”


Enrico Orr
Class: junior
Double major: political science and studio art
Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C.

“I know this may seem a bit cliché and is entirely uninformed, but if I were president of CofC, I would advocate scaling back tuition. As an out-of-state student, raises in tuition have hit me particularly hard, especially when the amount of financial aid (whether it be loans, grants, etc.) is not increased along with the rise in tuition. I think over time this particular contrast, along with the fact that college is already expensive, has created a very large problem for the students.”


Rebecca Polony
Class: freshman
Major: undecided
Hometown: Florence, S.C.

“I’d consider a more open policy in regards to alcohol consumption, plan on creating more affordable on-campus housing, all CofC merchandise would be made in the USA and campus cafeterias would feature a local dish weekly, preferably made with local produce.”


Katie Nocella
Class: freshman
Major: anthropology
Hometown: Greenville, S.C.

“I would work on integrating the college community with the city community.  We live in a great city that can provide us with a multitude of opportunities and connections that will help us to succeed in life after college. I think we as students get too wrapped up in the college aspect of our lives (who could blame us, it’s quite the time commitment). The integration of the city into the college life would encourage students to take advantage of the actual city we live in and eventually help students to acclimate to the ‘real world’ that comes after school.”


Charles Nguyen
Class: junior
Major: communication
Hometown: Charleston, S.C.

“Cancel all classes and have an ‘Appreciate the President of the College’ day held at the Cistern. Of course, free food and music. Taking a break from the grind of everyday life is, in my opinion, necessary. It’s important to take our education seriously, but also equally as important not to overwork ourselves and stress so much. We’re young – we shouldn’t spend some of the most memorable years of our lives trying to grow old so fast.”