College of Charleston Named a “College of Distinction”

The College of Charleston is one of the 11 colleges and universities in the South to be included in the new 2013 Public Colleges of Distinction eGuidebook.

To be selected as a College of Distinction, a school must excel at the four distinctions: engaged students, great teaching, vibrant community, and successful outcomes.

According to the eGuidebook, “Opportunities provided by the City of Charleston and its environs are essential components of a College of Charleston education. Students can take advantage of a beautifully preserved historic city, a vibrant arts community, a diverse natural environment, an innovative business climate, and a consortium of area schools.”

In regard to the educational experience, the guide notes that the “low student to faculty ratio of thirteen to one allows students to work closely with nationally recognized faculty and to be valued as an integral part of the College’s close-knit community of scholars”

View the College of Charleston profile in the eGuidebook.

The College of Charleston has made the College of Distinction list since 2008.

The 2013 Public Colleges of Distinction eGuidebook will be released this January.