Largest Class of Global Scholars to Graduate Saturday

Thirty-seven College of Charleston students will graduate on May 11, 2013 with the Global Scholars (GS) designation – the largest graduating class since the program’s inception in 2009. Global Scholars have maintained a 3.0 GPA, completed 18 hours of coursework with an international theme, demonstrated foreign language proficiency, and studied abroad.

“This designation will really set these students apart in the eyes of employers and graduate schools,” says Joseph R. Weyers, Ph.D., professor of Spanish and co-director of the Global Scholars Program. “Courses with an international focus are offered in every single major on campus, and the growth of the program really shows the campus commitment to globalization.”

The campus now boasts more than 85 graduates and 60 faculty members who have earned the Global Scholars designation.

The Class of 2013 includes: April Adams, Victoria Allen, Jonathan Black, Nancy Blayney, Alexandra Bocai, Phillip Braun, India Broadwater, Jeffrey Brooks, Stacy Calhoun, Celena Courchaine, Martin Dawson, Samantha Denning, Catelen Duerr, Stephanie Ferrell, Emily Gooding, Benjamin Graf, Jordan Greenway, William Holt, Mark Kadoshnikov, Julie King, Rebecca Krell, Mary Emily Lee, Arianna Megaro, Molly Moore, Signe Moore, Catherine O’Neill, Pooja Patel, Alyssa Pirolla, Stephanie Rhodes, Celeste Seymore, Sarah Stertz, Johanna Von Meister, Levi Vonk, Karahn Washington, Katherine Whiting, Blake Williams, and Brieanna Winkelmann.

Hilary Barnes, Ph.D. (Hispanic studies) and Beatriz Maldonado, Ph.D. (economics) are the two newest faculty members.

The Global Scholars program is a university-wide initiative designed to increase the capacity of students and faculty to contribute productively as global citizens. The program meets the changing demands brought about by globalization and recognizes students and faculty members who structure their learning and work around developing a wider global worldview.

The Global Scholars Program is led by co-directors Weyers and Rene Dentiste Mueller Ph.D., professor of marketing and director of the Global Business Resource Center.

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