History Channels

History Channels


Ever wonder about those romantic old radios that projected the fireside chats of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt? How about the mammoth televisions that displayed, in black and white, the likes of Milton Berle, Dick Van Dyke and Edward R. Murrow? And what about those giant slide projectors that the neighbors would use to show off images of their family trip to Florida?

If you’re interested in antique communications and broadcast equipment, look no further than the John Rivers Communications Museum, located near the heart of campus on the corner of George and St. Philip streets. Named after John Rivers Sr. (1903–1988), a legend in Charleston broadcasting, the museum has shown countless visitors and school groups its unique collection of antique magic lanterns, film projectors, telephones and more.

Learn more about the museum and its variety of programs, including open mic poetry readings and unique band performances, at jrmuseum.cofc.edu.