Recycling on Campus Made Easier with Guides, Maps

Recycling on Campus Made Easier with Guides, Maps

Have an item to recycle, but don’t know where to go? Look on the interactive map that is part of, the College of Charleston’s new recycling website. There the Office of Sustainability provides convenient access to reliable, current and easy-to-understand information in a variety of formats, so the campus community can make the best use of available recycling services. This website will also provide a central source of information regarding current and future recycling services on campus as well as related news and special events.

Check out the Campus Recycling Guides, like the A-Z Guide which explains how to recycle specific types of materials without having to understand the complicated codes or numbering systems.

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Recycling services at the College are provided by Physical Plant on the main campus and an outside vendor in the residence halls. The Office of Sustainability is working with Physical Plant on campus and a vendor in residence halls to improve current recycling programs and increase sustainability by incorporating composting, and programs that focus on waste aversion, which works to eliminate waste altogether instead of just recycling it.

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The new site also gives a feel for the College’s campus recycling culture. “We’re hoping to crowdsource more data on what’s where and what you’d like to see recycled on campus” says web designer, Walter Blair.

About the Office of Sustainability at the College of Charleston

The Office represents the hub for teaching, research, and practice of sustainability on campus and in the greater Charleston community. The Office of Sustainability is located within Business Affairs, to give it a high profile on campus and in the community, where it is accessed and influenced by all members of our campus community. This represents an exciting step forward for the College of Charleston, and signals a new chapter in our esteemed history. For more information please visit our website: