5 New Year’s Resolutions that are Easy to Keep on a College Campus

5 New Year’s Resolutions that are Easy to Keep on a College Campus

According to Forbes, just eight-percent of Americans achieve their New Year’s resolutions. With the help of the College of Charleston Facebook page, we found five resolutions that are made easier on a college campus.

1.    Lose weight/eat healthy.

Statistically, this is the top resolution in the U.S. A gym membership is part of tuition at most colleges and there are trails or routes for students to run outside.

The College of Charleston just opened the George Street Fitness Center, a 15,000 square-foot facility that is free for students. Group fitness classes, intramurals, and open net nights are available as well. Find running routes from two to 20 miles through the city.

Want to eat healthy? College of Charleston Dining Services has fruit and healthy meal options available at all locations, you can even download the Campus Dish app to check menus on the go.

2.    Save money.

Aside from tuition, two of the biggest expenses for college students are food and books. To save money on books, do you research – figure out if renting is cheaper then purchasing. Compare prices at BIGWORDS.

If you want to save on food, your best bet is the grocery store. Check out a coupon site so you can find deals on the products you need. If you’re going out to eat, check out Charleston Food Specials, which lists daily deals. Make your reservations now for Charleston Restaurant Week, from January 8-19, 2014.

3.    Try something new.

College is a great opportunity for personal development with hundreds of campus organizations and thousands of class options at your fingertips.

On Facebook, Benjamin Storey commented that he plans to “Publicize for and participate in the college’s new and thriving outdoors club!” Michael Beckett’s resolution is to write a book.

4.    Give back.

There are hundreds of different volunteer opportunities on every college campus. Typically there is an office that coordinates service projects, but just about every sorority/fraternity and student organization does some type of service project every semester.

Check out one-time service opportunities here. The College of Charleston offers alternative break experiences several times a year. Students will be serving in Atlanta for MLK Service Weekend 2014 and five groups of students will serve during spring break. Check here for Maymester alternative break experiences.

Alumnus Zane Latham says his resolution is “To give back more to CofC in 2014 then I did last year!” The Alumni Association is always looking for people to coordinate events, serve as mentors and ambassadors, and host receptions.

5.    Find a job.

College is the one place in the world where everyone is committed to preparing you for your career and helping you to find a job.

You need to start by getting good grades – check out the Center for Student Learning if you need study tips or extra help (45 percent of students use their services). Then, hang out at the Career Center to get resume and interview advice. Finally, hook up with the College on LinkedIn and spend some time getting to know alumni and other students.