4 “Insider Tips” for New Charleston Techies

4 “Insider Tips” for New Charleston Techies

It is no secret that Charleston is quickly being recognized for its thriving tech start-up economy and a vibrant arts and restaurant scene. 

art.upper.kingJust recently, USA Today noted this transformation:

“Charleston now teems with college-educated young people, 20- and 30-somethings who have come for the jobs and stayed for the lifestyle. New bars and restaurants seem to open weekly. Average commute times hover around 10 minutes. At the gas station on the way home, you can fill your growler with craft-brewed beer. This is a new kind of city, born of deep demographic shifts and the power of technology. Where traditional college towns have long attracted young people who get an education and then leave, another kind of town is emerging: the post-college town.

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This is no surprise to anyone living here in the Lowcountry.

But what about these new techie transplants ?  What are some of the “insider” things they need to know to get the most out of Charleston?Charleston_historic_homes

To find out, we posed four questions to College of Charleston graduates Jessica Dugan (editorial writer for BiblioLabs) and  Alex Summer (software designer with  BiblioLabs ). Both were featured in the USA TODAY story.

Where is the best place in Charleston to take a walk?

JD: Walking to Marion Square to have lunch is always nice. I also like to take a walk around Wragg Square from time to time. We are near the Charleston County Public Library, too, so that’s a nice place to take a stroll, check out a book (or five) and head back to the office.

AS: Around the Battery, Marion Square and Market Street

What are your “go to” coffee shops?

JD:  We have a pretty nice selection of coffee at the office, but when we do decide to go out, we like Kudu and, of course, Starbucks.

AS:  Yes. I have to go with Kudu Coffee and Starbucks

Other than the many beaches in the area, what are some of your favorite spots on or off the peninsula?

JD: There’s an eclectic mix of people at our office, so the range of weekend activities on and around the peninsula vary. I’d say we’re all taken with The Alley. I’ve recently discovered Bay Street Biergarten, and I’ve heard many stories about various people at Red’s and The Shelter in Mt. Pleasant.

AS: I like Bambu in Mt. Pleasant, Bay Street Biergarten and the Vendue Rooftop in Downtown Charleston.

Where do you go when you have a phone or laptop problem?

JD: We’re a Macintosh company, so the Apple Store on King is our one-stop shop.

AS: Agree. The Apple Store