Insider’s Guide to New Student Orientation

Insider’s Guide to New Student Orientation

College orientation is the official transition from high school to college, so it’s important to get it right. Orientation interns at the College of Charleston offer seven insider tips to make the most of new student orientation.

1. Don’t sit in your room at night!

Find a group of friends and explore the city. Everyone is just as nervous as you are and eager to make friends.

Pro Tip: Join the orientation interns for a snack run around Charleston. They say Orientation After Dark (end of the first day) is the best-kept secret.

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2. Don’t blindly follow your friends around.

Heading to academic major meetings during 2013-14 Orientation

Heading to academic major meetings during 2013-14 orientation

Every student has a personalized orientation schedule – that means your schedule is DIFFERENT from your best friend’s. Make sure you follow YOURS (you’ll get your schedule when you check in).

Orientation interns say they’ve seen students entirely miss their advising appointment and not be able to sign up for classes because they were following their friend’s schedule.

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3. Your life will be over if you miss this session.

If you miss the academic major meeting on the first day, you could be in for a five or six year college career. OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But, seriously, you’ll get vital information that will ensure you’re on the right track in your major, or if you’re undecided, in figuring out your major.

4. Be on time for advising and class registration.

Want to have 8 a.m. classes every day of the week? Then show up late for your advising or registration appointments. Your time CANNOT be changed, so don’t mess around.

5. Leave your boyfriend/girlfriend at home.

He or she is the awkward chaperone that no one in the group appreciates. Not cool.

6. Do a little cyber-stalking.

2014-2015 College Orientation Interns

2014-2015 College Orientation Interns

Your orientation interns have online profiles – check them out before you come to orientation. Then you can make sure to say hey if someone is from your hometown or sings in the acapella group you’re interested in.

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Orientation interns are usually very connected on campus and may be able to recommend good classes or give you the inside track on auditions.

7. Things to know before you go.

  • Bring your driver’s license – you’ll need it to get your student I.D. card. Pro Tip: there isn’t a designated time to have your picture taken for the I.D. card, so don’t forget!
  • Know how to access your MyCharleston account – you will need that to register for classes.
  • Know how to access your college email account – lots of important info is sent there like financial aid, emails from advisors, etc.