Parents Reveal What They Won’t Miss When You Leave for College

Parents Reveal What They Won’t Miss When You Leave for College

YourParentsWon'tMiss_webLeaving for college is exciting and frightening at the same time – for both you and your parents.

Naturally, your parents will worry about you and your mom will cry when she leaves your residence hall – but are they tears of sadness? Maybe not.

Most parents have reason to be a little giddy – there are a lot of things you do that #YourParentsWontMiss.

Here are 8 things College of Charleston parents say they won’t miss about their kids when they’re living away from home.

1. I WON’T miss giving you gas money.

(and based on the amount of gas you use, I know you’re not going where you said you were).

2. I WON’T miss everything being my fault.

“I certainly will not miss the blame that I have miraculously incurred over the past few years for all the world’s problems.” – Arlaana Black

3. I WON’T miss the sibling disputes!

“Our incoming freshman son emptied the entire of contents of his brother’s bedroom into the backyard when his brother wore his favorite shorts. Needless to say, the piles of dog poop under the bedroom contents only added to the deep satisfaction he received from this well thought out act of revenge. His departure is bittersweet.” – Lisa Cusick

messy room4. I WON’T miss the mess.

“She leaves a trail wherever she goes around the house.” – Ester Peterson

5. I WON’T miss the daily question of “What’s for dinner?”

It doesn’t matter what the answer is, you’re still going to complain.

6. I WON’T miss being late for everything.

“We will be able to reset all the clocks to the true time. Our son actually believes he can eat, shower, brush his teeth and get dressed in 4 minutes and 43 seconds – no matter how many times he has proven himself wrong.” – Greg Saxon

7. I WON’T miss having to take a cold shower because you got there first.

Dog and Girl Singing8. I WON’T miss some of your antics.

“I will not miss the nightly jam sessions performed by my daughter and her dog.” – mother of the performing artists

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But in the end…

Maybe your mom’s tears are sadness.

“These are all minor things…. I will miss her.” –Monica Miller

“After all is said and done, and the car is packed up with matching turquoise, pink and navy dorm room accessories and futon, and we set up her new home away from home in Liberty Hall, and then we drive away back toward home. I will miss only my daughter.” –Michele Bandy