The World Is Your Campus, So Go Explore It

The World Is Your Campus, So Go Explore It

In the heat and humidity of a Charleston summer, a place like Iceland sounds like a whole different world – glaciers and snow-capped mountains are hard to even fathom. Iceland, of course, is hardly a world away: All it takes is one connecting flight.

Study abroad in Iceland; photo provided by Nicholas Burns

Photo provided by Nicholas Burns

At the College of Charleston, students know that the connections we make to the larger world – the lessons we take from across the globe – are exactly what makes this world so small. And the students joining Professor of Tourism and Tourism Management Brumby McCleod’s annual summer abroad program in Iceland get a genuine glimpse of what our world looks like. Each summer, dozens of professors make similar trips, introducing their students to cultures, histories and landscapes around the globe. For some students, it’s a hands-on study in Italian arts or an art history and architecture tour through France and England that fills their summer calendar. For others, it might be studying ecology in Indonesia or African American identity in Barbados.

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That’s not to mention the many study-abroad opportunities offered during the regular academic year, with semester-long programs in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, France and Spain. So when you come to the College, you’ll know that you can go other places, too. You’re encouraged, in fact, to be boundless.