Through the Finish Line

Through the Finish Line

It’s so close, you can almost feel it. What was once a leap of faith is now a defining moment. With a few sure strides, the College will power through a long-anticipated finish line.

June 30 marks the culmination of BOUNDLESS: The Campaign for the College of Charleston. In November 2014, BOUNDLESS shifted from its “quiet leadership phase” into the public domain, thereby inviting the entire College community to join in a new era of philanthropic distinction. The top-line goal was set at $125 million (the highest campaign dollar figure in the institution’s history). The key to reaching that goal hinged upon one important belief: The level of commitment of the College’s alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends would be deep and enthusiastic.

When the campaign flew past the original goal in fall 2015, a significant milestone was met, marking a historic new high for the College’s fundraising campaigns. To date, BOUNDLESS has inspired a record-breaking number of donors – nearly 24,000 – whose collective support signifies a vote of confidence that will propel the College forward tomorrow and for future generations.

Building on this momentum, the College then set another stretch goal: to reach at least 10,000 alumni donors by the end of the campaign, rallying them all with “Now Is Our Time.” In the coming weeks, the results of that goal will be shared, as well as the facts and figures that tell the full story of the campaign’s success and impact.

As the College nears the campaign’s end, BOUNDLESS has already demonstrated what can happen when an entire campus community comes together in support of an important cause. And through the success of the campaign, the College is primed to continue to mine its limitless – better yet, boundless – potential.