8 Ways CofC Students Are Like Olympic Athletes

8 Ways CofC Students Are Like Olympic Athletes

With the 2016 Summer Olympics underway, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama of the games and the awe-inspiring talents of the athletes. Wouldn’t it be great to possess their world-class skills?

Well, if you’re a member of the CofC community, you already do, kind of. Your time on campus has prepared you for a unique blend of eight sporting events. We’ll call it the CofC Octathlon:

1. Three-Second Sprint  

You arrive at the intersection of St. Philip and Calhoun streets and only three seconds remain on the crosswalk signal. Can you make it? Bonus points if you successfully dodge the car making the illegal right turn.

2. Long Distance Run

You arrive at the bus stop in front of Cougar Mall just in time to see the back of the CARTA shuttle bus pulling away. The race is now on. Can you make it to the Harbor Walk campus before the shuttle?

3. Synchronized Revolving Door

You are preparing to enter Addlestone Library, but can you merge through the slow-revolving doors without stopping? Making it only halfway is not an option.

Brick.Trip24. Brick Gymnastics

Can you walk from the School of Sciences and Mathematics Building to the Education Center and then proceed to Maybank Hall without tripping over a single brick?  If not, can you at least trip gracefully and stick the landing?

5. Weightlifting Doors

The massive glass doors leading into the Robert Scott Small building are not for the faint of heart. It takes brute strength to open one of them on the first try. Hint: It’s easier if you don’t push on the handle labeled “pull.” Not that anyone has ever done that.

6. King Street Obstacle Course

Weaving past texting tourists, bewildered shoppers and the occasional kid holding a dripping ice cream cone is never easy. But let’s face it, walking in a straight line is not always an option.

7. Stair Master

The elevator in the Bell Building is busy. Your class on the third floor starts in one minute. Game on!

8. Lake Charleston Water Event

What do you get when you combine heavy rain and high tide? Lake Charleston. Perfect for kayaking and water sports.