College Joins Global Network of Wi-Fi Hotspots

College Joins Global Network of Wi-Fi Hotspots

The College of Charleston is the first university in the Charleston area and the third in South Carolina to join a global network of Wi-Fi hotspots that enables members of the College community to access secure wireless networks at thousands of universities around the U.S. and the world, using only their CofC login credentials.

The service, called Eduroam, was implemented in August 2016 and is managed by the College’s Information Technology Engineering unit.

eduroam_trans-copyEduroam is available now for campus members to log onto the wireless networks of other participating institutions. Conversely, members of other institutions participating in Eduroam will be able to log onto the College’s secure wireless network.

The service is available at all of the College’s campuses and facilities, including main campus, Harbor Walk, Avery Research Center, North Charleston Campus, Grice Marine Lab, Dixie Plantation and Patriots Point.

Eduroam is a valuable tool for visiting faculty, academics and administrators traveling for conferences and research, study abroad students, visitors attending NCAA activities and others to gain wireless network access with minimal configuration while traveling away from their home academic institutions.

“Already, we have seen students and faculty from around the world logging on from as far away as South Africa and beyond,” said Jason Trinklein, wireless engineering manager at the College.

The University of South Carolina and Clemson are the only other participating institutions in South Carolina. Across the U.S., there are currently more than 400 participating institutions.

The list of participating members around the globe currently includes thousands of research and education institutions in some 80 territories worldwide.

To access the Eduroam network using your CofC credentials:

  • Browse for wireless networks on a device and choose “eduroam.”
  • The username is the user’s full email address at their home institution. Logins do NOT work without the full email address.
  • Eudroam can only be used with valid and active home institution accounts.
  • Eduroam is encrypted by WPA2/Enterprise AES with 802.1x authentication, the same as that used by the “cofc-secure” wireless network.
  • Visiting users receive Internet access only and are not granted access to internal school resources such as file servers or databases at this time.
  • Eduroam does not “time out” and does not impose bandwidth limits at this time.

For technical assistance, users should contact the College of Charleston HelpDesk.