Former DuPont Executive to Speak at Business School

Diane Gulyas, former president of DuPont Performance Polymers, will visit the College of Charleston School of Business as part of the George G. Spaulding Distinguished Executive Speaker Series.

The event will be held Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 8:15 a.m. in the Wells Fargo Auditorium of the Beatty Center, located at 5 Liberty St. Gulyas will meet with students, faculty and members of the Charleston community and discuss the insights she’s gleaned from her 36 years leading one of the world’s largest chemical corporations.

Gulyas plans to highlight the importance of “intrapreneurs,” or individuals within a company that are willing to take risks to solve problems, and debunk the myth that only start-up companies value entrepreneurship — citing how big corporations want and need more innovative thinkers.

A firm believer in the power of personal brand, she will also speak to why job seekers should invest in themselves. “It is important for entrepreneurs to develop their brand identity because employers are investing in the person as much as they are investing in his or her skills and ideas,” Gulyas says.

The presentation will conclude with tips for having a fulfilling career. Gulyas’ secret to success: finding joy in her work.

Prior to retiring from DuPont in April 2014, Gulyas was responsible for guiding and expanding the growth and profitability of the global organization by providing customers, particularly in the automotive, packaging, construction, and consumer durables markets, with high-performance polymer, resin, and film materials. She served various executive and managerial roles within the company prior to her station as president.

Gulyas is now a full-time professional board director.