The 7 Most Romantic Places on CofC’s Campus

The 7 Most Romantic Places on CofC’s Campus

Charleston, with its cobblestone walkways, stunning oceanside vistas and glut of intimate, decadent restaurants, is a pretty romantic place.

But you don’t have to go to Rainbow Row or walk the Sullivan’s Island beach to find a charming spot – the College of Charleston has no shortage of quaint and charming spots for you and your Valentine.

Here are the seven most romantic places on campus, according to Facebook users:

7.  The joggling board in Cougar Mall.

A favorite spot for students to sit and swing their feet, the joggling board in front of Maybank Hall is a perfect place to sit with your sweetheart.

According to The Old Charleston Joggling Board Company, the springy benches came to South Carolina in the early 1800s when a member of the Huger family wrote relatives in Scotland about how she had difficulty exercising because of rheumatism. Her relatives in turn sent her the plans for the joggling board, telling her she could bounce on it for exercise, and the carpenter at her home — Acton Plantation in Sumter County — built her one. They quickly became popular across the Lowcountry.

6. Historic homes.

There are more than a dozen historic homes that now serve as classrooms, offices and residence halls throughout the College’s campus. And each one includes romantic features such as sweeping piazzas, lush landscaping, wrought iron and intricate woodwork.

 5. Porters Lodge.

Constructed in 1850, Porters Lodge was home to the College’s porter, or custodian. On its George Street facade, it bears the Greek inscription for “Know Thyself.” Today, the structure houses faculty offices.

But as Crystal Bartels says, “Arches on the left and right of the Porters Lodge; what better spot to steal a kiss between classes?”

 4. The koi pond in Stern Center Garden.

While normally a bustling center of activity for CofC students, Stern Center’s gardens provide a quiet retreat for anyone looking to take a break and watch the fish dart around.

“I’m not sure if it’s still there, but I always loved the far back corner of the Stern student center courtyard,” says Allen W. Graham. “Gorgeous landscaping all around and no one ever looked back there.”

3. Outside of the Sottile House.

Built in 1890 by a prominent Charleston merchant, the Sottile House is a Victorian mansion located near the center of campus. It is noted for its stained-glass windows, carved oak doors, mosaics, chandeliers and delicate woodwork.

Today, it houses the College’s Division of Institutional Advancement, but the benches out front can be credited for helping start at least one relationship that ended in a marriage.

2. Anywhere in the Cistern Yard.

It’s the first thing many prospective students and parents see when they come to the College, and it’s the spot where students earn their degrees. But the beautiful campus green complete with stunning live oaks and a historic backdrop makes for one of the most romantic spots for a picnic in the entire Lowcountry.

It’s no wonder that the Cistern Yard was picked as a filming location for the 2010 film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel Dear John, starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum.

1. Standing on the portico of Randolph Hall.


The most beautiful view from one of the College’s most iconic buildings. What could be more romantic?