CofC In the News- Week of March 13, 2017

College of Charleston “In the News” is a round-up of news articles featuring College faculty, staff, students or alumni. Recent media coverage of the College includes:

Catching great white sharks off South Carolina coast akin to ‘training a dog’

The Post and Courier talks with biology professor Gavin Naylor about shark behavior.

Having bought Virgin, Alaska Airlines plans big SFO expansion

Business professor Kent Gourdin is interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle about airlines.

College of Charleston named top producer of Peace Corps volunteers

The Moultrie News announces that the College is one of the top schools in the nation when it comes to producing Peace Corps volunteers.

Warrior Sailing program helps veterans in Charleston

The Post and Courier looks at the Warrior Sailing program.

Dr. Gibbs Knotts Discusses His New Book ‘The Resilience of Southern Identity’

WTAT-TV discusses southern identify with political science professor Gibbs Knotts.