The renovations to the College of Charleston’s historic Randolph Hall, Towell Library and Porters Lodge will begin on September 21.  The $3.7 million project is expected to last for approximately one year.

Built in 1828-29, Randolph Hall is one of the oldest college buildings still in use in the United States. Named for a former president of the College, Randolph Hall served as the main academic building on

campus for many years. Today, it is used primarily for administrative offices, although it still contains some classrooms.

Porters Lodge was constructed in 1850.  Porters Lodge was the home to the College’s porter, or custodian. On its George St. façade, it bears the Greek inscription for “Know Thyself.” Today, the structure houses several faculty offices.

Towell Library wasbuilt in 1855.  Towell was the first campus library. Named for an alumnus, former chemistry professor, dean and acting president (Edward Emerson Towell), Towell Library presently houses the Office of Admissions and Adult Student Services.