Summer Research Underway

This summer College of Charleston students and faculty are developing an anticancer agent, creating apps, and investigating ocean acidification. They are studying abroad and studying down the street. Just don’t call summer a vacation – they see it as an opportunity!

Dozens of projects are ongoing at the College’s Grice Marine Laboratory. Professor Bob Podolsky and two undergraduate students will be doing unique environmental research on ocean acidification and its effects on the fertilization of marine animals. Professor Eric McElroy is working with several undergraduate students to investigate blue crab fighting biomechanics and the material properties of sea trout muscle with and without parasites. He’ll also be conducting a reptile, amphibian, and insect survey at Kiawah Island.

Other research teams will focus on their interests – like music. Psychology professor Anthony Bishara and an undergraduate student will be testing motor memory in musical performance to determine the most effective way for musicians to practice music. Watch a video. Professors Bill Manaris (computer science) and Yiogros Vassilandonakis (music) are working with a Dana Hughes, a graduate student, on Monterey Mirror, a new interactive music performance system with artificial intelligence capabilities. Watch a video. Over the summer, Vassilandonakis is composing a piece for two humans and two Monterey Mirrors to perform live.

Anthropology professor Barbara Borg will again be spending the summer leading an Archaeological Field School of nearly 20 students. Watch a video. They are spending two weeks at three different sites throughout Charleston while getting in-depth training in all phases of basic archaeological field research including surface survey, excavation, map construction, photography, data interpretation and artifact processing and analysis.

Computer science professor Lancie Affonso and four students are working with College of Charleston offices on creating mobile applications for Android to be used by incoming students to access Google Apps, a new partnership for the College.

Finally, the chemistry and biochemistry department will be buzzing with activity as students and professors complete dozens of research projects over the summer. Notably, Professor Justin Wyatt and student John Coward are working on furthering research on a new anticancer agent that focuses on prostate cancer. Watch a video.

Watch videos of how faculty and students spent their Summer Break 2010.