In today’s global economy, more students are realizing the importance of combining their business degree with a language. In fact, about one-third of students who have declared a minor in Spanish are business majors. As a result, the College is now offering two new programs: business language minors in Spanish and French.

These programs will be especially beneficial for students planning to work in the U.S. serving Spanish-speaking customers, or in international companies and industries that conduct business in or with Latin America, Spain or France. Students will be able to declare these minors beginning in fall 2012.

With the College’s two-year language requirement, all students graduate proficient in a language. Students who minor in Spanish or French will take courses geared toward advanced language skills and related culture, civilization and literature. The new minors, however, will afford students a greater focus on business including cultural sensitivity, linguistics and comprehension related to business transactions, and familiarization with the economic and social environments in the related countries. The students will also enhance their reading and writing skills through interaction with commercial documents and articles on business and trade in the the French and Spanish-language presses. They will also focus on mastering the cultural similarities and differences including communication styles, social etiquette, workplace culture, societal responsibility and issues related to gender, class, ethnicity and nationalism. In addition, students in the Spanish Business Language Minor will take the new Spanish 418 course: Advanced Spanish for Business Communication.

“These minors support the liberal arts tradition of the College to develop students into enlightened, responsible, engaged world citizens through a multidisciplinary curriculum,” says David Cohen, dean of the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs. “In addition, these new programs respond to the needs of a dynamic global economy and the corresponding demand of the College of Charleston student who seeks that valuable edge in the market and society.”

For more information, contact David Cohen at 843.953.5770.