The College of Charleston is celebrating the 12th Annual Darwin Week in Charleston from February 6-12, 2012. This longstanding event will bring differing perspectives to honor Darwin’s immense contributions to science and the world.

Event lectures including:

  • “The Evolution of Complex Animals: New insights into some very old problems in evolution”
  • “Need for Speed: The Evolution of Decision-Making in a Rapidly Changing World”
  • “Does Evolution Lead to Evil? Two Christian Perspectives”
  • “Astrobiology: The Search for Life in the Universe”
  • “The Ice-Age Dispersal of Humans to the Americas: Do Stones, Bones, and Genes Tell the Same Story?”
  • “Science and the Christian Religion: A Sermon in Three Acts”

The events are free and will be held at various venues across Charleston.

The 2012 Darwin Week is sponsored by the Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi, South Carolinians for Science Education, Second Presbyterian Church, Circular Congregational Church, The Citadel Biology Department, the Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math, the College of Charleston Department of Biology, the College of Charleston Department of Sociology/Anthropology, The College of Charleston Physics Department and the College of Charleston Student Biology Club.

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