On March 6, College of Charleston Adjunct Professor of Mathematics Derrick Niederman will release his latest book, entitled The Puzzler’s Dilemma.

Published by the Penguin Group, The Puzzler’s Dilemma explores the world of classic math and logic puzzles and tells the amazing stories behind them, from the Lighthouse of Alexandria to the “15” puzzle and even the now-famous Monty Hall problem. Using real-world analogies, infectious humor, and a fresh approach, this deceptively simple volume will challenge, amuse, enlighten, and surprise even the most experienced puzzle solver.

This new book is the follow-up to Niederman’s critically acclaimed book Number Freak.

The Puzzler’s Dilemma marks Niederman‘s 12th published book. His previous works include several volumes of math puzzles, three financial books and two volumes of short mystery stories.

In addition to his books, he has produced some twenty crossword puzzles for the Sunday New York Times. He is also the inventor of the mathematical three-dimensional puzzle 36 Cube and the geometric word game PathWords.

Niederman is currently in his first year of teaching mathematics at the College of Charleston.