If the classrooms are where you learn, the student media offices are where you do. They are the laboratories for the social sciences. And those laboratories are my favorite place on campus.

We’re always running experiments in our offices. The students who come up to the second floor of the Calhoun Annex are thrown into the changing world of media. Any student, in any major, is welcome to write for our website and magazine, produce video packages or spin a few tunes on the online radio station.

We’re constantly thinking of new ways to do this, to inform and entertain the student body, all while becoming better prepared for a professional career in media. The Calhoun Annex is the place that makes this possible.

Over the past year, we began our grandest experiment: We’d no longer print a newspaper; instead, we’d throw our energy to the Web. It has worked better than we imagined because of the energy in the Annex.

You see, the Annex is special because it’s the type of place where you just drop by. It’s open 24/7, and is alive at midnight and noon just the same. In between classes, I’ll come by and make a change on the website. Some afternoons, I might enter the studio and lend my voice to a radio spot. In the evening, my friends will rendezvous and order dinner before working on the latest issue of G Magazine until the rest of the campus is fast asleep. These drop-ins are what make these experiments happen – that constant jolt of energy from new and different people.

Drop by the offices sometime. You are bound to find someone running an experiment here – and your presence may just be the variable their experiment needs.

– Geoff Yost ’12

Geoff, a double major in communication and political science, served two terms as editor-in-chief of The George Street Observer and was also the general manager of the College’s radio station for a year.