College of Charleston business students will have the opportunity to hear from “one of the smartest people in television” according to Entertainment Weekly.  On Tuesday, October 23, 2012, Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, will teleconference with students in the School of Business.

Koonin helped develop three of the most well-known brands in television: TBS’s “Very Funny,” TNT’s “We Know Drama,” and CourtTV’s transition to TruTV. He was also instrumental in bringing Tyler Perry and Conan O’Brien to TBS and relaunching Dallas on TNT.

“This is a rare opportunity for students to interact with one of the leaders in the television industry,” says Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business. “We are grateful to Buddy Morgan, a member of our Board of Governors for making this opportunity available to students. I hope this sparks creativity in students and gives them a look into what their career could be.”

Koonin’s presentation will focus on the importance of creativity and ideas in adapting to an ever-changing business world. He will share examples from his own life, including how he discovered that ideas could be the foundation of his career. Koonin will provide a look at current media landscape, including the evolution and continued strength of the television industry. Finally, Steve will leave the audience with practical advice about how they can apply creativity and ideas in their own lives and careers.

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