Leaving everything you know to come to the College of Charleston can be a daunting experience, which is why the College recognizes those faculty, staff, and students who help ease the transition.

One student says, “Serena-Kaye Kinley-Cooper, a peer mentor in the ROAR Scholars program, really helped me throughout this entire academic year to push myself and to not be afraid to speak up when I know something is not right.”

More than 50 professors, staff members, and students were recognized by 2013 first-year students as making a difference in their lives as they transitioned to the College of Charleston. The professors represented every academic School on campus and recognition ranged from simply caring about students to more tangible impacts.

“Kelly Owen, my English 110 professor, really encouraged me in my writing, helped me develop my strengths, and took an interest in my life. She believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. She also recommended me for a position that will be beneficial to me in my future, and encouraged me to try for it, when I never would have tried for it on my own. I am so thankful I had a chance to meet her, and I consider her not just a teacher, but a friend.”

Another student says, “As a data science major who had never taken a computer science course before last semester, I was nervous about programming and how I would do. Professor RoxAnn Stalvey was the professor for my first computer science class, and she was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the entire semester. For helping me learn more than I ever thought I could about programming, I cannot thank her enough.”

Often, first-year students face challenges they never knew they would.

“When I was placed on academic probation and found out I would be required to take a class with the workload of a 3-credit class, but that didn’t count for credit…. I was upset. I expected a traffic-school-style remedial class; something akin to a teacher lecturing a mass of annoyed students about how terrible their skills are. Cristy Landis’ learning strategies class is possibly as far from that idea as possible. Through her enigmatic teaching and personal interest in my improvement, I have acquired countless skills that will guide me through college and life. Most likely, neither of us know the extent to which Cristy Landis has changed my life, but I would not be surprised to find that, years from now, my success will have been a result of the skills her Learning Strategies class taught me. I could never thank her enough.”

2012-13 First Year Service Awards:

  1. Honors College – Bryan Ganaway (recognized by 2 students)
  2. Honors College – Maria Richardson
  3. ROAR Scholars – Serena Kaye Kinley-Cooper
  4. EDLS instructor/Center for Academic Advising & Planning – Cristy Landis
  5. Center for Student Learning, Study Skills Coordinator – Melissa Hortman
  6. Public Safety – Officer John Dougans
  7. Dining Services, Liberty Street Fresh Food Company – Kenneth Ladson
  8. Athletics – Tennis, Coach Aaron Spencer
  9. Athletics – Tennis, Coach Jay Bruner
  10. Faculty, English – Kelly Owen
  11. Faculty, History/FYE – Tammy Ingram
  12. Faculty, Marketing/Computer Science/FYE – Lancie Affonso
  13. Faculty, Computer Science – RoxAnn Stalvey
  14. Faculty, Spanish – Devon Hanahan (recognized by 2 students)
  15. Faculty, Political Science – Claire Curtis
  16. Faculty, Music – Irina Pevzner
  17. Faculty, Math – Katherine Thom
  18. Faculty, Asian Studies – George Fam
  19. Faculty, Astronomy – Fred Rosenburg
  20. Faculty, Classics – Joann Gulizio
  21. Faculty, Math – Andrew Przeworski
  22. Faculty, Math – Cheryl Taylor
  23. Faculty, Russian/FYE – Oksana Ingle
  24. Faculty, Communications – Kerry Gomer
  25. Faculty, Jewish Studies/FYE – Adam Mendelsohn
  26. Faculty, Historic Preservation – Christina Oberstar
  27. Faculty, Math – Anthony Parker
  28. Faculty, Theatre – Joy Vandervort-Cobb
  29. Faculty, Psychology – Patricia Janes
  30. Faculty, Management/Entrepreneurship/FYE – Carrie Messal
  31. Faculty, Math – Jason Howell
  32. Faculty, Math – Sully Johnston
  33. Faculty, English – William Russell
  34. Faculty, Art History – Alvaro Ibarra
  35. Faculty, French – Carol Ayer
  36. Faculty, Political Science – Helen Delfeld
  37. Faculty, Anthropology – E. Moore Quinn
  38. Faculty, Sociology – Tracy Burkette
  39. Faculty, Physics- – Ana Oprisan
  40. Faculty, Sociology & Anthropology/FYE – Heath Hoffman
  41. Residence Life, Liberty Residence Hall Resident Assistant – Lee Bullard
  42. Residence Life, College Lodge Resident Assistant – Ryan Gunning
  43. Center for Student Learning, SI Leader Chemistry 111/112 – Tatiana Reinhardt
  44. Center for Student Learning, Chemistry tutor – Lisa Kasprzok
  45. Center for Student Learning, Peer Academic Coach – Anna Grace Burnette
  46. FYE peer facilitator/Center for Excellence in Peer Education (CEPE) – Logan Orihuela
  47. FYE peer facilitator/Center for Excellence in Peer Education (CEPE) –  Victoria Ward
  48. FYE peer facilitator/Center for Excellence in Peer Education (CEPE) – Haley Marcus
  49. Student, CRU – Mary-Claire Higgins
  50. Student, Greek Life – Chi Omega sorority – Sarah Proctor
  51. Student, Greek Life – Chi Omega sorority –  Anne Marie Baker
  52. Student – Michael Bachman

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