Watch out, she’ll go medieval on you. And that’s a good thing. English professor Myra Seaman is co-editor of postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies, a quarterly publication of scholarship that applies contemporary methodologies, such as eco-criticism, scientific approaches and disability studies, to produce new understandings of the Middle Ages.

“In our journal, we strive to see how the past can talk with the present,” Seaman explains. “Scholars from different disciplines, as well as different periods of interest, participate in a wide-ranging conversation.”

And lately that conversation has gained quite a bit of attention. Last year, postmedieval was recognized as 2012’s best new journal by the United Kingdom’s Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. And before that, it received a 2011 PROSE Award as the best new journal in humanities and social sciences from the Association of American Publishers.

High praise, indeed, and worthy of a knight in shining armor.