An op-ed co-authored by Chris Day, an assistant professor of political science at the College of Charleston, was published by Al Jazeera America on January 10, 2014.

Chris Day

College of Charleston Political Science Professor Chris Day co-authored an op-ed about unrest in the Central African Republic.

Co-written by Kasper Agger, a Uganda-based Field Researcher with the Enough Project, the op-ed discusses the resignation of the Central African Republic’s (CAR) embattled president and places the country’s current unrest in historical perspective.

“Until recently, very few Americans had reason to pay attention to the CAR, an impoverished, landlocked country about the size of Texas with 4.4 million people,” Day and Agger write. “Shocking reports of mass killings and beheadings of children have opened a small window into the CAR’s most recent upheaval.”

The complete op-ed is available on Al Jazeera America’s website at this link.