As they reach their peak earning years, liberal arts and sciences majors can earn as much as – and possibly more than – those who major in professional and pre-professional undergraduate programs, according to a new report.

Of course, the College of Charleston offers a variety of undergraduate degrees across the spectrum of the liberal arts and sciences and professional programs. And the report, released by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, makes clear that all undergraduate degrees lead to significantly increased earnings and lower unemployment over time.

College of Charleston Provost George Hynd says the report adds to the wide body of data supporting the value of the liberal arts and sciences.

College of Charleston Provost George Hynd

College of Charleston Provost George Hynd

“This report confirms what we have known for decades; students who graduate with a liberal arts degree are proportionately overrepresented among those that go on to earn their Ph.D., enter medical school and become the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies,” Hynd says. “The value of a liberal arts education that stresses critical thinking, respect for informed dialogue and the development of written and oral communication skills clearly has career and life-long impact.”

A summary of the report’s key findings is available at this link.