6 Ways to Use Social Media to Prepare for College

6 Ways to Use Social Media to Prepare for College

So you got the big envelope – congratulations! What was the first thing you did after you told your mom? Was it: a) Post about it on Facebook, b) tweet your news, c) post a selfie on Instagram, d) all of the above, or e), none of the above?image copy

If the answer is e, read no further. But if you’re an active social media user heading to college in the fall, here’s our advice on how best to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram before you start college – and how to avoid making risky mistakes.


1. Post responsibly

Make sure you’re aware of who can and will see your content – parents, college admissions staff, professors and future employers to name a few. Even when your account is private or you use a fake name for your social media accounts, there is still a risk that people who you don’t share with can see your content.

2. Connect with classmates

The College of Charleston “Class of 2018” Facebook group is open exclusively to students accepted to and enrolled in the class of 2018. Use it to connect with friends, roommates and classmates, to post questions about the College, schedule meet-ups with accepted students in your area, and see what others are talking about.

3. Watch for updates

The College of Charleston “Class of 2018” Facebook page is open to anyone – prospective and current students, friends, parents, etc. This is a good place to look  for updates about deadlines, deposits, activities and opportunities leading up to fall 2014.

4. Oh, the places they’ve gone

Check out the College of Charleston university page on LinkedIn, where you can see the types of careers our alumni have, the cities they’re living in and the companies they work for. Often, you can also see what they majored in, so it will give you (and your parents) an idea of where you could end up.

5. Stay on the pulse

Many of your future professors have Twitter accounts, which they use to share industry news, innovative research and to connect with students, alumni and colleagues. If you have an idea of what you’ll major in, find some professors on Twitter to learn about the latest news in your field. Check out some of our campus accounts – you can see what the Greeks are doing or size up your competition for next year’s intramural championships.

6. Instant Gramification

If you can’t wait to live, eat and breathe the College of Charleston, follow us on Instagram (@collegeofcharleston) to get your fix of our campus, and to see the exciting things our students, faculty and local community have going on.