As of noon on January 30, 2014, the College of Charleston is open and operating normally. With bridge closures and traffic delays, all members of the College community are encouraged to be patient and cooperate with one another in accommodating these challenges.

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While the College was closed as a precautionary measure over the last two days, students took to Twitter and Instagram to document the elusive “CofC Snow Day.”

Here are 10 photos that best demonstrate exactly what happens when the Lowcountry encounters snow:

1. Instagram user @iddammaddi’s mini snow man:








2. Twitter user @smackey8’s photo of Randolph Hall:








3. Instagram user @mallory_gantt19’s photo in Marion Square:








4. Twitter user @couch_ing_tiger’s photo of a very cold TD Arena Clyde:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.28.41 AM







5. Instagram user @mhenrylucero’s photo of students in the Cistern Yard:








6. Instagram user @sweetlikemango’s photo of a quiet Charleston street:








7. Instagram user @lindsaymarieferguson’s photo of icy leaves and snow:








8. Instagram user @hendersonem’s photo of #cofcsnowday in front of Addlestone Library:








9. Instagram user @emmieclish’s photo of a snow-covered street:








10. And finally, Instagram user @daniellekstout’s photo of Clyde in a snowy Cougar Mall: