Business Research Guide has named the College of Charleston one of the top 30 Colleges in the United States for studying business abroad.

College of Charleston is ranked number 15 on the list.

BRG wrote that the College’s School of Business “encourages students to participate in a number of study abroad programs ranging from short-term to long-term study”. The publication also notes that scholarships are frequently given to students for international travel and winter and spring semester trips.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“To effectively educate our students, we need to show them that the world is our market, not just the United States. Since the U.S. makes up less than 5% of the world’s population, we want our business students to go see, experience and study different economies and cultures,” says Alan T. Shao, dean of the School of Business.  “With Charleston’s emergence on the world stage, we are also serving the economic needs of our region.”

Last year, the College of Charleston School of Business sent 289 students abroad including all international business students, global logistic students and MBA students.

Rob Hare, a rising junior at the College of Charleston recently took advantage of the program.

“I first learned of the the study abroad opportunity in Panama a few days after writing a paper on the impact the Panama Canal expansion project could have on the Port of Charleston, “says Hare. “I saw a flyer advertising the study abroad program and thought it would be a great way to see first hand the scope of the project and its potential impact. This program provided opportunities to make connections with industry professionals in Panama as well as a forge bonds with fellow students and professors.”

Students are not the only ones taking advantage of the study abroad program. Last year, nine faculty members in the School of Business taught courses overseas.