Nicholas Glover '05

Nicholas Glover ’05

Nicholas Glover ’05 is a rising star in the business world. He held positions at NASDAQ and American Express before being tapped to lead Gas South’s first major expansion effort. The political science major’s biggest piece of advice… ‘get involved on campus.’

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Q: What is your job title and how would you describe your job?

A: I’m the Florida market manager for Gas South, one of the leading natural gas suppliers in the southeast. I was brought on about eight months ago to manage the company’s expansion into the Florida market – it’s the first beyond Georgia’s borders.

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We’re growing very quickly, so my days are spent managing that growth – from hiring staff (my team spans five Florida cities – from the Panhandle to Miami) to developing new strategic alliances and representing our interests with our key industry partners.

The position is ambiguous enough that I could mold it, but structured enough so it didn’t completely overwhelm. I like having guiderails and concrete goals, but not a blueprint.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: I love that every day is a little different; actually, wildly different. This is a rare opportunity where my various professional experiences have all melded together. I’ve done a little bit of each of the components of this job, but not in so much depth, or with such a focus on strategic growth. It’s been a really exciting and challenging opportunity.

Q: How did you get this position?

A: I was very fortunate to come across the role. It happened that this Atlanta-based company, one of the leaders in what we do, was looking to expand into Florida, where I live. Gas South was doing interviews for this position from the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s office, and I have good relationships with the team at the Chamber, which probably helped.

Q: What was your path to where you are now?

A: My first job was really great – I was an associate at the NASDAQ Stock Market. A friend from the College worked there and told me about a newly created position in the Global Corporate Client Group. I went to New York City on a whim on a Wednesday for an interview, got the job on Friday, and started the following Monday (luckily my aunt lived in NYC, so transition was much easier).

At NASDAQ, I earned the President’s Award for helping the company to meet one of its top goals. Working for NASDAQ and on Wall Street is obviously great for the resume, but I also learned the basics of business and the value of fostering quality professional relationships.

I worked on Wall Street for seven years in various roles, including with American Express on the U.S. Corporate Client Deal Team. I moved to Florida in 2013, where I lead Infinity Homecare’s acquisition integration, strategy, and sales operations support.

Q: Did any extra curricular activities help prepare you for your career?

A: I was very involved on campus. In addition to serving as Student Government President, I was also an Orientation Intern, Representative of the South Carolina Student Legislature, Vice President of the Cougar Activities Board, Charleston 40, Parliamentarian and Social Chair of Alpha Phi Alpha, and a member of the Political Science Club.

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That involvement made me love the College and ensured that I continued to give back once I graduated. Since graduating, I’ve served on the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, Philanthropy Council and as Vice President of the New York Alumni Chapter.

Q: What is your big career goal or dream?

A: I’d love to be a C-level executive at an innovative, high-performing company. In my current role, I’ve been fortunate to marry the unique and diverse skills developed over my professional career and in the future I intend to broaden that experience.

Q: What advice would you offer current students?

A: I would advise current students to get involved and to take an active role in preparing for a career after the College — being deliberate and intentional now can set you on an incredible trajectory in the future.