3-Things-Coach-GrantOK, you know that Earl Grant has been named the new men’s basketball head coach at the College of Charleston.

But what else do you know about him?

Not much?

Well, here is a short list of things that will help you become better acquainted with Coach Grant:

  • He was born on Christmas Day.
  • Earl earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in psychology in 2000 from Georgia College in Milledgeville, Ga.
  • His heroes growing up were his parents. “My parents were my heroes growing up because they worked extremely hard to provide me with the things that I needed. They never missed a day as parents.”
  • His Favorite song: Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake
  • Favorite Sports Movie: Miracle. The movie about the 1980 Olympics hockey team.
  • A sport Earl wishes he could master: golf
  • The meal he cooks that could be considered his specialty dish: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
  • The one thing that he hopes his children will remember about him: “That I stay true to my word.”