College of Charleston students and Charleston community members posted a lot of Instagram photos showing how awesome it was to be in Charleston this summer. Since September 22, 2014 is the last day of summer, it’s a fitting time to look back on some of the many things that define summer in Charleston*.

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*Not included in this list: photo of an air conditioning unit.

1. There were some pretty incredible sunsets.@aggie2832

As Instagram user @Aggie2832 has discovered, It’s pretty hard to beat a sunset off the Battery.


2. Many tourists visited the Holy City.

Charlestonsummer in charleston residents love sharing the city with visitors, who flock here in the summer. User @Arcadejac is definitely not the only student to catch a horse-drawn carriage (big tourist attraction) passing through campus, but he did take a great photo of this one walking past Physicians Promenade!


summer in charleston3. Campus was a little quiet

Outside of summer classes, admissions tours and orientations, that is. It was also colorful, shaded, and, to quote @Coiceee, “beautiful.”


4. Water sports were big.

summer in charleston

If we’re being technical, water sports are pretty big year-round in Charleston, but they’re especially popular in the summer. @Dbl0612 had some fun (and caught one of those famous sunsets – see item number one) sailing at the College of Charleston Sailing Complex.


5. Water was also big.summer in charleston

Even if you don’t know how to sail or surf, afternoons of Folly, Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms beaches promised a great time to students and Charleston-area residents alike all summer. Thanks to @Ethanknight1 for the photo!


6. Sometimes there were hedgehogs.

summer in charlestonLike Li’l Poppy here. This local hedgehog did plenty of exploring this summer – you can follow along with @Lilpoppybigworld.


7. Hurricane season happened.

Summer in charlestonIn Charleston, hurricane season lasts from June to November. A hurricane is not always guaranteed, but you can definitely expect rain. A lot of rain. @Laurengladding came prepared.


8. It was extremely hot.

summer in charlestonAs @Nlep demonstrates, sometime your air-conditioned house is the best place to be in the summer. Charleston’s summer heat is not that of your average city, so residents were smart to stay cool and hydrated!


9. Harbor Walk opened!summer in charleston

This new College facility sits near the South Carolina Aquarium overlooking the Cooper River Bridge and the Charleston Harbor (also known as the Silicon Harbor by tech-industry locals). @Tinyguitarplaya is one of the students taking either computer science, biology, physics or astronomy classes at this new location.


10. Everybody took a breath.

summer in charlestonCharlestonians are known for being a pretty laid-back breed, and this is especially true in the summer. Students, like @Vickylee94, professors and residents alike took a minute to sit on a rocking chair on a shaded porch (or on a towel at the beach… or in a chair in their air-conditioned living room…) and relax and enjoy the city.