It is easy to understand why Travel + Leisure magazine named Charleston the best city for a romantic escape in 2014... Just look around and you’ll see the city is filled with tucked-away restaurants, blooming secret gardens, beautiful architecture and majestic magnolia-lined streets.

The College of Charleston fits right in with no shortage quaint and charming places on campus.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are the seven most romantic places on the College of Charleston campus, according to Facebook users:

romantic7.  The joggling board in Cougar Mall.

Right in front of Maybank Hall, you have to time it perfect to be alone here!





Historic Home 26. Historic homes.

“Anywhere near an iron gate.” – Hattie Keyes






 College of Charleston images by amelia + dan photography5. Porter’s Lodge.

“Arches on the left and right of the Porter’s Lodge; what better spot to steal a kiss between classes?” – Crystal Bartels






 romantic4. The koi pond in Stern Center Garden.

“I’m not sure if it’s still there, but I always loved the far back corner of the Stern student center courtyard. Gorgeous landscaping all around and no one never looked back there.” – Allen W. Graham.



 3. Outside of Sottile House.romantic

“The benches outside the Sottile House where my soon to be wife and I started dating over 4 years ago :)” – Jordan Boyd





Cistern Yard

2. Anywhere in the Cistern Yard.

“When I was at the College and my husband was deployed, we had Skype lunch dates in Cistern Yard every week. He’d always ask for a panoramic view of the oak trees before we ended the call to get the sense of being there.” – Ashton Huge-Kosier.


“I met my fiancé in the Cistern yard freshman year… so that has my vote!” -Chantelle Harrison

Randolph 1. Standing on the portico of Randolph Hall.

“Just inside Randolph Hall where we walked through for graduation, where my husband proposed, where I had my wedding portraits taken, where we had our family pictures taken, and where we celebrate every year now at A Charleston Affair!!!” – Summer Myers Landrith