Class of 2019 Freshman Profile

Over 2,300 freshmen arrived on campus this fall. Among them are more than 50 students from each of the following states: South Carolina, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, Georgia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania. Here’s an overview of this group – the Class of 2019.

Class of 2019: By the Numbers *

2,330 Number of freshmen
39 Number of states represented in addition to DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and overseas military bases.
9 Number of countries represented
114 Number of students from one state other than S.C. (New Jersey)
8,515 Number of miles traveled to the College of Charleston by the student who lives farthest away (from Hong Kong, China).
35 Highest ACT score
1530 Highest SAT score
5.38 Highest GPA
970 Number of different high schools attended

Class of 2019: A Closer Look

  • Most common female students’ names: Emily, Hannah, Sarah.
  • Most common male students’ names: William, Michael, John.
  • Top names that males and females share: Taylor, Jordan, Ryan.
  • Most popular birth month: April (219 students)
  • Largest South Carolina feeder high schools: Wando High School (81), James Island Charter High School (32), Fort Mill High School (22), Paul M. Dorman High School (19), Clover High School (19), Rock Hill High School (19), Nation Ford High School (19), Summerville High School (19), River Bluff High School (18), Mauldin High School (18), Fort Dorchester High School (18).
  • Largest out of state feeder high schools: Woodward Academy, GA (7), Myers Park HS, NC (7), St Rose HS, NJ (7), Notre Dame Preparatory School, MD (7), Charlotte Catholic HS, NC (6), Yorktown High School, VA (5), Darien HS, CT (5), Portsmouth HS, NH (5), Lake Forest HS, IL (5), Northern Valley Regional HS, NJ (5), Ridge High School, NJ (5).
  • Most popular South Carolina hometowns: Charleston (95), Mount Pleasant (84), Columbia (71), Summerville (56), Myrtle Beach (44), Fort Mill (43), Rock Hill (41), Simpsonville (40), Lexington (38), Greenville (32), Florence (31).
  • Most popular out of state hometowns: Charlotte, NC (26), Atlanta, GA (18), Marietta, GA (9), Annapolis, MD (9), Arlington, VA (9), Nashville, TN (8), Washington, DC (8), Raleigh, NC (8), New York, NY (7), Chapel Hill, NC (7), Rockville, MD (7), Jacksonville, FL (7).
  • Some of the countries represented include: Bahamas, Bermuda, China, Estonia, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom
  • Eight sets of twins
  • Most popular intended majors: Undecided (317), Biology (304), Business Administration (212), Psychology (149), Communication (102), Marine Biology (93), Marketing (87), Exercise Science (79) Computer Science (71), International Business (67), Elementary Education (59)

Class of 2019: Academic Profile *

The middle 50 percent of freshmen enrolled for fall 2015:

  • Scored between 1030 and 1200 (in-state), and 1070 and 1210 (out-of-state) on the SAT.
  • Scored between 23 and 28 (in-state), and 24 and 29 (out-of-state) on the ACT.
  • Had a GPA between 3.827 and 4.441 (SC Uniform Grading Scale), 3.339 and 3.981 (weighted) or 3.075 and 3.7 (unweighted).
18 Number of valedictorians (in-state)
11 Number of salutatorians (in-state)
5 Number of valedictorians (out-of-state)
3 Number of salutatorians (out-of-state)
135 Number of Palmetto Fellows

Honors College: Class of 2019 Academic Profile *

207 Total number of freshman
1301 Average SAT
29 Average ACT
4.49 Average GPA weighted
98 Number of in-state students
109 Number of out of state students

Honors College: William Aiken Fellows Society Profile *


porters-lodgeThe William Aiken Fellows Society is a group of highly capable students who have the potential to successfully pursue national and international opportunities reserved for top scholars. Throughout their college careers, William Aiken Fellows work closely with the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards and participate in numerous programs designed to create leadership opportunities, enrich their academic experience and prepare them for graduate work and beyond.

26 Total number of students
1439 Average SAT Score
33 Average ACT Score
4.79 Average GPA weighted
5 International Scholars
1 Huge Scholars
8 Swanson Scholars
1 R.I.S.E. Scholars
12 Number of in-state students
14 Number of out of state students

* This information is preliminary and should not be considered official data.