Josh Bristow, College of CharlestonI’m no stranger to dancing on stage, but dancing in TD Arena during basketball games is a whole different ballpark – or should I say court?

I’m used to performing under intense lights, where the audience can see me, but I don’t usually have the privilege of seeing them. When I step on the John Kresse Court, however, I can see everything. And I feed off the energy I see.

Yes, it is nerve wracking to perform in front of so many people, especially since they’re there to see basketball players – the dance team, for most, is really just an auxiliary to the main attraction. But, what I love is that, even when the players aren’t on the court, the fans are tuned in. They’re watching.

That’s why I work hard to boost morale and keep the audience going during timeouts. And I think it pays off: The positive feedback I’ve received from the students, faculty and staff around campus shows me that they’re enjoying our performances. That’s why I love it so much.

My space on the court is something I work hard for every game – and it’s some-thing I wouldn’t trade for the world.

– Joshua Bristow

Joshua is a freshman member of the College’s dance team.