On March 22, 2016, College of Charleston President Glenn F. McConnell ’69 addressed the Student Government Association (SGA). McConnell spoke about the role public service has played in his life, leadership, and the value of the SGA’s work on behalf of their fellow students and their College. He advised the SGA members to be honest in their dealings with others, to keep their promises and to be fair – no matter the circumstances or the consequences.

“The SGA and the entire student body have shown an exceptional interest in bettering our campus, our local community, and our world,” McConnell told the SGA. “You are the people that will shape the future, and I’m confident that with you in charge, that future will be very bright and boundless.”

McConnell’s address was a second homecoming of sorts. As a student at the College in the late 60s, McConnell served as president of the SGA. One of the major accomplishments during McConnell’s SGA presidency was holding a concert on campus. McConnell, reflecting on his time in the SGA, told the crowd, “Serving on this body added great value to my life and helped forge an even deeper connection between me and these hallowed campus grounds.”

President Glenn McConnell, circa 1969 as a senior and student body president, with a bronze horse that stood as the emblem of the Student Government Association and has since cantered off to unknown pastures.

During McConnell’s tenure as student body president, the SGA had a bronze horse statue that was the emblem of the SGA. The horse has not been seen in a long time, and McConnell mentioned he has been hoping for its return to the SGA.

At the end of McConnell’s remarks, SGA President Zach Sturman, as a thank you to McConnell for his leadership and collaboration with SGA, surprised the president with a horse statue (similar to the former emblem of the SGA), explaining that it was the 2015-2016 McConnell SGA Stallion Award. McConnell was grateful for the small token of appreciation and is proudly displaying the horse in his office in Randolph Hall.

President McConnell in a moment of equine enjoyment, proudly displaying the 2015-2016 McConnell SGA Stallion Award.