Alums Pioneer South Carolina’s Craft Beer Movement

Alums Pioneer South Carolina’s Craft Beer Movement

Revelry Brewing’s Ryan Coker ’05.

In less than a decade, South Carolina’s burgeoning craft beer industry has grown from a few amateur craft brewers tinkering in their garages to a full-blown entrepreneurial wave backed by venture capitalists and millions of dollars. Old warehouses and dilapidated buildings have been converted into high-output production facilities packed full of gleaming stainless steel tanks and hordes of locals, thirsty millennials and beer connoisseurs.

Leading this craft beer explosion in South Carolina is a trio of College of Charleston alumni who, like the craft beer industry itself, are defying stereotypes of what successful business proprietors look like. They all blazed a unique path to success, overcoming obstacles and critics in order to pursue their passion. Along the way, they helped create and expand an economically viable, philanthropically motivated and sustainability-minded industry that did not exist in South Carolina only eight years ago.

Read the latest issue of the College of Charleston Magazine to learn more about Charleston craft beer pioneers Jaime Tenny ’00 (COAST Brewing Company), Chris Brown ’05 (Holy City Brewing), and Ryan Coker ’05 (Revelry Brewing).

Holy City Brewing in North Charleston.