As part of their senior projects this semester, students in the Computer Science Department at the College of Charleston are helping to solve real-world problems for high-tech firms in the region. Eight teams of students from the College have been working with several major Lowcountry companies to address a variety of computing challenges.

Sebastian van Delden

Sebastian van Delden

On April 21, 2016, during the #CSatCofC After Five event, the student teams will unveil their solutions.

Department of Computer Science Chair Sebastian van Delden says the students and the companies benefit tremendously from this program.

“Most computing students want to get a job upon graduation as software engineers for established high tech companies,” says van Delden. “This new ‘industry projects’ capstone course, which is required in the computer science curriculum, best simulates the ‘real world’ while building bridges with regional industry and providing tangible opportunities for our students.”

The projects include:

  • Team Bosch working on a program that will help technicians determine the quality of certain parts during the manufacturing process.
  • Team Hawkes working on interactive math-learning software for middle school students.
  • Team MUSC working on an Android app for a smoking cessation program.
  • Team Blackbaud working on a cross-platform iOS/Android app that plugs into their EveryDayHero website.
  • Team Booz Allen Hamilton working on a cross-platform app to help in military training.
  • Team CSS working on a project to help the company gather job information from their contractors.
  • Team SPARC working on a “gamified” skill tracking tool.
  • Team Geocent working on an intelligent interview management system.

This is the first year of the program.

Professor van Delden says that these industry partnerships, coupled with the six undergraduate research labs in his department, the almost 500 computer science majors and a world class faculty enable the department to have a significant role in the health and vitality of Silicon Harbor.

The #CSatCofC After Five event will be held in Harbor Walk in room 213 West beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Below is a video produced by Team Bosch, one of seven #CSatCofC After Five promo videos.