Late last summer, Jasmine Twitty ’10 generated quite a bit of buzz when she was appointed to the bench in Easley, S.C., and became one of the state’s youngest judges and yet another example of millennial audacity.

She stands in front of the mirror. Everything is quiet. Eyes down and in a soft voice, almost in a whisper, she says, “You want it? Here it is.” Slow breath in. Pause. Slower breath out. She can feel a presence in the mirror, like someone else in the room with her, just inches away.

She says it again, a little louder: “You want it? Here it is.”

The feeling of a stranger – an intruder in her space – fades away. She raises her chin, her gaze locked on the brown eyes staring back at her: “You want it? Here it is.” This time, her voice has a force behind it and rings with decisiveness, like a gavel striking its sound block.

She says it again and again. Finally, the intensity of the figure in the mirror seems to soften, and there’s a slight smile – the subtle, yet confident smile of a warrior preparing for battle.

Shoulders back, she smooths the front of her Nine West suit jacket, adjusts her puffy sleeves and checks the length of her A-line skirt. The look, in her mind, is modern yet edgy and sophisticated – she can do anything in this outfit.

“You want it? Here it is.” The voice is in full command now. Turning from her reflection, Jasmine Twitty ’10 is ready to conquer the world.

Read the full article about Twitty in the spring 2016 issue of the College of Charleston Magazine.