Photo-essay by Mike Ledford

The summer Olympic spirit is upon us – a four-year reminder that people from across the globe speak a common language of competition. It’s in that light that we wanted to highlight some of the College’s own international talent– men and women who have come to Charleston to share their athletic and academic talents with the Cougars.

These student-athletes’ paths to the College are as different as their cultures. Through scouting websites, Skype interviews, YouTube highlight reels and international tournaments, CofC coaches saw their potential, recruited them from time zones around the world and brought them here to compete in maroon and white.

In crossing borders and oceans, these Cougars are critical imports to the College, bringing with them a unique passion that inspires their teammates and sharing new perspectives that add to the College’s culture of diversity and international outlook.

No matter the motherland, native tongue or the accent in which we speak, we can all sing in one voice and embrace the charge in our College’s alma mater to “strive to conquer and prevail.”

Vici Drechsler / Women’s Golf
Munich, Germany

Vici Drechsler, College of Charleston

Kornelia Kostka ’16 / Track and Field
Kielce, Poland
Accounting and Finance

Kornelia Kostka, College of Charleston

Rodrigo Encinas / Men’s Tennis
Santiago, Chile

Rodrigo Encinas, College of Charleston

Mara Argyriou / Women’s Tennis
Limassol, Cyprus
Exercise Science

Mara Argyriou, College of Charleston

Adan Noel / Men’s Soccer
La Brea, Trinidad
International Business

Adan Noel, College of Charleston

Maddie Hills / Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
Toronto, Canada
Exercise Science

Maddie Hills, College of Charleston

Gerald Williams / Sailing
Sai Kung, Hong Kong, China
International Business

Gerald Williams, College of Charleston