While every class is unique, this year’s incoming students in the Class of 2020 have an extra special claim to fame: Their graduation year will coincide with the 250th anniversary of the founding of the College of Charleston. That’s our sestercentennial or sesquibicentennial anniversary for you linguists.

But that celebration is still four years away. Until then, here’s how the Class of 2020 shapes up.

Class of 2020: By the Numbers*

2,384      Number of freshmen

41            Number of states represented, along with Washington D.C. and overseas military bases.

10            Number of states that are home to 50 or more students (South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia)

freshmen210            Number of countries represented.

119          Number of students from one state other than South Carolina (North Carolina).

7,791       Number of miles traveled to the College by the student who lives farthest away (Mohali Punjab, India).

35            Highest ACT Score

1560        Highest SAT Score

6.22        Highest GPA

957          Number of high schools represented.

Class of 2020: A Closer Look

Most common female students’ names: Hannah, Emily, Caroline

Most common male students’ names: William, Michael, John

Top names that males and females share: Taylor, Jordan, Baileyfreshmen1

Most popular birth month: August (219 students)

Most popular birthdate: 2/19/1998 (16 students)

Largest South Carolina feeder high schools: Wando HS (87), James Island Charter HS (39), West Ashley HS (31), Blythewood HS (28), Fort Dorchester HS (27), Mauldin HS (24), Waccamaw HS (24), Ashley Ridge (22), Nation Ford HS (22), St. James HS (22), Charleston County School of the Arts (21), Summerville HS (20)

Largest out-of-state feeder high schools: Myers Park HS, N.C. (6), Ardrey Kell HS, N.C. (5), Berkeley Preparatory School, Fla. (5), Charlotte Catholic HS, N.C. (5), Charlotte Christian School, N.C. (5),  Middletown HS South, N.J. (5), Norfolk Academy, Va. (5), Salesinum School, Del. (5), Suffield Academy, Conn (5)

Most popular South Carolina hofreshmen3metowns: Charleston (102), Mount Pleasant (100), Columbia (74), Summerville (74), Myrtle Beach (54), Greenville (51), Fort Mill (42), Spartanburg (39), Lexington (38), Rock Hill (36), Simpsonville (35)

Most popular out-of-state hometowns: Charlotte, N.C. (26), Atlanta, Ga. (12), Wilmington, Del. (10), Washington, D.C. (9), Mooresville, N.C. (9), New York, N.Y. (9), Potomac, Md. (8), Memphis, Tenn. (7), Alexandria, Va. (7), Bethesda, Md. (6), Raleigh, N.C. (6), Austin, Texas (6)

Some of the countries represented include: Aruba, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, India, Netherlands and Trinidad and Tobago.

13 sets of twins

Most popular intended majors: biology (317), undecided (304), business administration (248), psychology (145), communication (109), marketing (85), exercise science (78), marine biology (73), international business (71), political science (70)

Class of 2020: Academic Profile*

The middle 50 percent of freshmen enrolled for fall 2016:

  • Scored between 1010-1200 ( in-state) and 1040-1180 (out-of-state) on the SAT
  • Scored between 22-27 (in-state) and 24-28 (out-of-state) on the ACT.
  • Had a GPA between 3.806 and 4.454 (S.C. Uniform Grading Scale), 3.252 and 3.957 (weighted) or 3.05 and 3.618 (unweighted).

13     In-state Valedictorians

16     In-state Salutatorians

4       Out-of-state Valedictorians

2       Out-of-state Salutatorians

129    Palmetto Fellows

2        Colonial Scholars

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Honors College: Class of 2020 Academic Profile*

193              Total number of freshman

1290            Average SAT

31                 Average ACT

4.49             Average GPA weighted

99                 Number of in-state students

94                 Number of out-of-state students

10                  International Scholars

Honors College: William Aiken Fellows Society Profile*

The William Aiken Fellows Society is a group of highly capable students who have the potential to successfully pursue national and international opportunities reserved for top scholars. Throughout their college careers, William Aiken Fellows work closely with the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards and participate in numerous programs designed to create leadership opportunities, enrich their academic experience and prepare them for graduate work and beyond.

29               Total number of students

1465            Average SAT Score

32                Average ACT Score

4.86            Average GPA weighted

1                   Huge Scholar

10                Swanson Scholars

16                 Number of in-state students

13                 Number of out-of-state students

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* This information is provisional and should not be considered official data.