To coincide with the upcoming 250th anniversary of its founding, the College of Charleston announced today that it will be changing the school’s mascot from the Cougars to the College of Charleston Blue Crabs. 

 “We are excited about the new mascot,” says Ernest “Tripp” Brixx, vice president of executive programmatic enhancements at the College. “The new Blue Crab mascot will not only distinguish the College from other schools, but it will also create a connection between the College and an indigenous crustacean that is synonymous with the Lowcountry.” 

The new mascot, Billy the Blue Crab, will be unveiled during a press conference in the College’s Physicians Auditorium on April 31, 2017.

The decision to change the mascot was made after the College commissioned an extensive study that included surveying over 12,000 current students, alumni, faculty, staff and donors.

“We have seen a lot of negative connotations surrounding the name ‘cougar’ over the past few years,” says Jay Murky, president of Murky Research, whose firm conducted the 16-month study for the College.

Murky says the firm recommended that the College adopt the new mascot after his six-year-old daughter commented that the crab would be a “cool” mascot.  

 College of Charleston Executive Vice President of Athletics Haywood Jabuzoff agrees. 

 “I expect the College of Charleston Blue Crabs will be embraced by both sports fans and non-sports fans alike,” says Jabuzoff. “Billy the Blue Crab will symbolize a new era in College of Charleston athletics.”

 Clyde the Cougar had no comment on the school’s decision.

If you are still reading, Happy April Fools’ Day