The College is again recognizing its most outstanding students, faculty, staff and alumni at the 2017 ExCEL Awards.

This year’s ceremony, which recognizes excellence in collegiate education and leadership, is set for 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at the Sottile Theatre. A reception will follow the event, and admission is free.

Members of the College community are nominated by their peers for a variety of awards for promoting excellence and diversity on and off campus. Categories include academic achievement, teaching, student leadership, athleticism, as well as professional, social and cultural leadership. Faculty, staff and students are eligible for these awards.

But as in years past, it won’t all be pomp and circumstance. Each year, the event features a funny video of faculty, staff and students.

This year’s nominees include:

Outstanding Students of the Year

Alexis Armour, Jennifer Asouzu, Brandi Bell, Rodrick Bellamy, Samantha Black, Bethany Blamphin, William Blanchett, Cari Blunt, Breanna Bolden, Myd Bradford, Kristin Brig, Callum Brill, Maria Carrillo-Marquina, Joe Casagranda, Joe Chealey, Sierra Debrow, Meagan Dunham, Vanessa Eastwood, Berkeley Fisher, Moriah Flagg, Joseph Fontana, Berkeley Fisher, Brandi Francis, Aisha Gallion, Tanner Glaze, Eian Hazzard, Kristina Henriksen, Courtney Hicks, Bravada Hill, Jeremy Hobbs, Brooke Horton, Shafi Keisler, Anna Kooper, Morgan Larimer, Charmaine, Littlejohn, Alexis Logan-Brown, Tyler Lyles, Hannah Manzi, Melinda Odenkirk, Olivia Oliver, Hugh Pressley, Alexandra Rodriguez, Ellie Smith, Hassam Solano-Morel, Gabriele Stahnke, Sarah Steadman, Nia Strothers, Kianna Thomas, Jacob Tucker, Kerri Vyge, Joanna Walker, Isaac Waters, Cora Webb, Kerry Wischusen, Tyana Woodard, Jimmy Worthy

Outstanding Faculty of the Year

Vivian Appler, Emily Beck, Mari Crabtree, Cara Delay, Stephen Della Lana, Merissa Ferrara, Jeanette Guinn, Leslie Hart, Sarah Hatteberg, Lauren Hetrovicz, Grace Hubel, Leena Karambelkar, Susan Klein, Christy Kollath-Cattano, Cynthia Lowenthal, James Malm, Emma Berenice Marquino Castillo, Amanda Ruth McSwain, Luci Moreira, Jonathan Neufeld, Aspen Olmsted, Sophia Rodriguez, Amy Rogers, Bonnie Springer, Anton Vander Zee, Anthony Varallo

Outstanding Staff, Administrator , Impact, SafeZone, Mentoring, Diversity, and Presidential Legacy Award Nominees of the Year

Michael Antoine, Mike Auerbach, Quentin Baxter, Evan Berry, Juliette Bourdier, Ernest Brevard, Alicia Caudill, Lisa Christian, Melinda Coleman, Maria Colomina-Garrigos, Diane Cumbie, Edie Cusack, Mark Del Mastro, Dakota Flynn, Trisha Folds-Bennett, Sarah Franciscus, Tiffany Gammell, Otto German, Barbara Green, Michael Haga, Mary Hartshorn, Candace Jaruszewicz, Morgan Koerner, Allen and Anne Lyndrup, John McBride, Jerry McClary, Cicely McCray, David McIntosh, Rachel McNamara, Teresa McNerney, Michelle Mapp, Deborah Mihal, Diane Miller, Jenni Morse, Chris Nelson, BOT Gregory Padgett, Maria Royle, Franchell Smalls-Lewis, Marilee Smith, Laruen Sottile, Jeff Tomlinson, Curt White, James Williams