If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a fleet of new bikes around the city of Charleston that are ready to ride at a moment’s notice.

Holy Spokes is the newest and largest bike share in Charleston, with corrals throughout the peninsula that allow cyclists to go from point A to B without worrying about finding a bike rack or lugging their own bicycle up stairs and stuffing it in a small office or bedroom. (College of Charleston alum Daniel Russell-Einhorn ’09 is the owner of Affordabike, which runs a bike share that has several corrals in Charleston, but none on campus. The College also has its own bike share; students can check out cruisers from Stern Center, free of charge.)

There are several bike share corrals on the College of Charleston campus, so let’s walk through the steps for taking out one of these cruisers.

Step 1:  Download the SoBi (Social Bicycle) app on your phone to sign up for an account with Gotcha Bike. Rates vary, but college students can rent bikes for $40 a year.

Step 2: Once you’re in the system, locate a Holy Spokes bike close to you. Open the app and SoBi will find the nearest corral.

Step 3: SoBi will tell you how many bikes are available and where to find them.

Step 4: Input your SoBi account number and personal identification number associated with your account into the rear keypad located on the frame. The bike will unlock.

Step 5: Unlock your two wheels, insert the yellow lock into the back of the frame, and you’re on your way.

Step 6: Remember to wear a helmet, ride on the street (not sidewalks) and always follow the rules of traffic.

Step 7: When finished with your ride, return your wheels to a Holy Spokes corral, lock it up up, and key into the back panel that you are done for the day.

Step 8: The SoBi app will confirm that you have returned the bike for the day. Now, rest and repeat.