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Chad Holbrook is ready to coach baseball at the College of Charleston.

Chad Holbrook (Image by Mike Ledford)

The former South Carolina Gamecocks skipper was introduced as the next Cougars baseball head coach on Friday morning and is excited to bring his winning ways to Patriots Point.

But before he gets started, Holbrook sat down with The College Today to chat about baseball, CofC, life in Charleston and his hidden hobbies:

What attracted you to the College of Charleston?

The College has a unique culture, a great academic reputation and a great athletic reputation. When I was coaching other baseball programs, we played the College of Charleston often. They always put a great team on the field, a team that represented themselves the right way, played the game the right way and represented their college the right way. Those things were easy to see. And with a unique culture, a great city and a beautiful campus, it was easy to be attracted to the College. It was the only job I wanted, and I’m lucky to be sitting here today.

How are you going to create a championship program for student-athletes and fans alike?

We’re going to try to be champions not only on the field, but off. We’re going try to do things the right way. We’re going to work really, really hard every day. We’re going to be consistent in our work ethic in the way that we practice, the way that we are in the weight room. To be champions off the field, you gotta work hard in the classroom, you gotta study, you have to get out out in the community and be part of things other than just baseball and schoolwork. I want players to have the total experience here. It’s not gonna be just about baseball all the time. We want to be about baseball a lot, but we want players to focus on academics, we want them to be champions in the classroom, we want them to be champions on the field and we want them to be champions in the community. That takes work every single day. We’re going to work hard at it to be that and do that. It takes kids to buy in, and I can’t wait to talk to my team to start that process.

What’s the first thing you plan to do once you get out to Patriots Point?

I’m going to walk to the pitchers mound and take a deep breath and know that there have been many great players that have played on that field and that the tradition of the College of Charleston baseball program is really, really special. I know a lot of the former coaches, including John Pawlowski and Monte Lee, and the success they’ve had here. We’re going to try to build on that success. There’s been a lot of great coaches and great players that came before me, and when you walk out on a field, you take that in and you realize that you have an awesome responsibility and you’re excited about getting to work.

What does it mean to be a Cougar?

When I think about Cougars on the baseball field, I think about passion, excitement, a team that plays hard and the right way, a team that represents the College the right way. I remember losing some games to the College of Charleston when I was in the other dugout. Seeing the excitement in the College of Charleston’s dugout was something I won’t forget. I’ve always known they’ve played the game the right way — with passion and enthusiasm. That’s the Cougar way.

What are you and your family most excited about as you come down the road to Charleston?

The No. 1 city in the world and the most beautiful campus in the United States. We have something to sell that no one else can sell. It’s such a unique culture and such a unique environment, and our family is excited about entrenching ourselves into this culture. We’re going to be involved not only with the athletic department, but other aspects of the College as well. I can’t wait to watch other teams play, I can’t wait to go to concerts on campus. I can’t wait to be part of the CofC family. That means more than just athletics to me. It means the whole total experience. We can’t wait to entrench ourselves in this culture.

What’s one secret hobby that fans might not know you have?

I collect sports memorabilia. I’m a big baseball card fanatic. I like to wakeboard and I’m a big water sports guy. I also like to play golf from time to time. I’m also excited as heck about watching the fight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather real soon. Other than that, I’m a coach that loves his family, loves to coach, loves to be on the field with his players, and when I get home I try to be the best dad and husband I can be. And if I have some spare time, maybe try to buy some vintage sports memorabilia. I love old Mickey Mantle stuff, I love old New York Yankees stuff and it’s just a neat little hobby of mine.

Featured image by Mike Ledford.