As the Most Beautiful College Campus in America, College of Charleston makes for the perfect Instagram backdrop for all your selfies this school year. Here’s the nine most photo-worthy spots on campus.

1. Fountain Behind Randolph Hall


Gather your friends behind Randolph Hall for a group photo in front of the trickling water fountain, bright foliage and chirping song birds.

2. Clyde the Cougar Statue

The most popular statue on campus, Clyde greets everyone coming into Cougar Mall. Be sure to rub his tail for good luck before big exams.

3. Cistern Yard

Along with graduation, the picturesque Cistern has also been the setting for TV shows such as the NBC’s Today, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and ABC’s The View. How could you resist a photo with such a well-known landmark?

4. Fountain Behind Addlestone Library

Sit on the edge of the fountain behind Addlestone Library for a stunning backdrop of Rivers Green and the water leaping through the air.

5. By Bucky the T. rex in Addlestone Library

How many people have a selfie with a Tyrannosaurus rex? Visit Addlestone Library rotunda to say hello to Bucky the T. rex.  

6. Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture

The Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture is on the site of the former Avery Normal Institute.  It was a hub for Charleston’s African American community from 1865–1954 that trained its students for professional careers and leadership roles. Visiting gives you a chance to go back in time and to marvel at the handsome building on Bull Street.

7. Pond Behind Stern Center

Visit the turtles and koi behind the Stern Center for a back-to-nature type selfie.

8. Patio Behind Marty’s Place

The breezy patio will make your Instagram friends think you’ve skipped off a private villa in Italian — but you’re still in Charleston enjoying the view behind vegan/vegetarian/kosher dining hall Marty’s Place.

9. Harbor Walk

Overlooking the water and the Ravenel Bridge, the view from Harbor Walk doesn’t get any more iconic Charleston than this.